Tony’s Vision

In 2007, Tony McClean achieved one of his dreams – to visit Nepal, meet and live with the people and trek in the Himalayan mountains.

During his six month stay, Tony taught in a local school at Pokhara. He spent much of his spare time with children in an orphanage, helping with sports activities and caring for the children. How he loved playing soccer on the rough ground outside the orphanage! He constantly commented how, even with so little, the children were always happy.

Tony was keen to explore Nepal and went on a number of treks in the Annapurna region.

One of Tony’s attributes was his ability to build relationships with others, and during his stay he made contacts with people undertaking humanitarian projects in local villages.

Tony’s life was tragically cut short when he died in the canyoning disaster at Mangatepopo, New Zealand on 15 April 2008. Much of his planning to achieve his vision of helping the people of Nepal was found on his laptop, and hence the Tony McClean Nepal Trust has been formed to fulfill Tony’s vision.

The underlying principle of the trust is that the potential for people in the world can only be reached when those who have resources, share them with those who do not, for the benefit of both.