Dr Shiva is one of the key founding members of Sahodar Nepal. He’s also an incredibly skilled doctor and is dedicated to working in his own community in Garambesi.

I sat with him this week and asked him about how the water filters were going. Here is his response,

“There is such a great need for the filters. Still, many people don’t have access to clean water and it makes them sick. People don’t realise that they are getting sick from the water they are drinking. For those who have the filters, and have had the awareness around safe drinking water, their lives are improved. We want the water filters to reach other communities too, beyond Garambesi to Lamjung and Gorka. The water filters are a practical way that we can help our community”.

Dr Shiva works in the 15 bedded hospital and has said that cases of waterborne disease has severely dropped since the filters were brought in. It’s a simple solution to meet daily needs. We hope that one day there will be sufficient infrastructure to pipe clean water through to the village, but until then these filters are aiding significant improvements.

If you’re interested in learning more about the water filters we supply or looking at supporting TNT in this way, please contact us here.