The village of Garambesi and surrounding areas has no clean water supply and consequently a high rate of water borne disease. The TNT Trust has an ongoing project distributing and installing water filters in the schools and houses of Garambesi.

Each filter will meet the need for clean drinking water for one household for many years.
The response to this small project has been fantastic, with over 195 families now reaping the benefits of clean water meaning healthier families which therefore means better educated children (through less sick days), more active and therefore productive workers and generally happier families because of it all.

Click here to hear from Dr Shiva about the difference that these filters are making in Garambesi.

Each filter costs approximately NZD$80 to reach a family in need in Nepal, but the difference as described above has meant this will remain a core project for us until clean water is flowing freely from the pipes accessible to everyone. Click here to get in touch with us about supporting TNT in this way.