One of our core projects is supporting the Happy Home hostel, a place which looks after kids that have come from disadvantage families. Many of them have lost parents, or are from rural communities where regular education is unavailable. Happy home is run by Shrison and Subasna, a Nepali couple who have opened their home and now have 23 children under their care. Some have come directly from communities, others have been referred to them from the Nepali Government who recognise the high level of care and support that these two provide.

This was a place that Tony spent a lot of time helping out, being a big brother, a mentor and giving his love to these kids who all have a pretty rough start in life. Happy Home is exactly that, a Home where kids can feel safe, be cared for, get educated, be fed and importantly be happy as they grow into adults and go out to work and fend for themselves, rich in the values that Happy Home teaches in it’s day to day education.

For any of us lucky enough to have visited Happy Home, this is one of those real good-news stories where a dedicated and committed couple share their house and all they have with those less fortunate. Tony certainly saw the good being done here and the TNT Trustees continue to support Happy Home as one of our projects.