Arts for Children’ arises from the concept of selling donated artwork, with the proceeds going to children in need. At present this will mean the funds will be directed to a project that benefits children in Nepal where we will be volunteering in 2012.

What is Arts for Children?

Children are the generation of the future and there are millions around this world that do not get the opportunities that they deserve. They have the right to receive adequate nutrition, sanitation and education however due to natural disasters, poverty, conflict, social situations and many other reasons; this is not happening.

As an example – In Nepal the number of children dying before age 5 = 61 deaths per 1,000 live births (NDHS, 2006). UK= 6 per 1,000 (UNSD, 2005).

‘Arts for Children‘ was created from the idea that it would be great to be able to sell donated artwork with all proceeds going towards different projects that benefits the children ensuring that they receive the basics of life.
We want to support local projects/charities that:

  • engage with the community to ensure that the project is what the local people want
  • are implementing a development initiative that is sustainable
  • encourage ownership and responsibility of the project by the local people it benefits
  • are going to have a positive impact on children’s lives

Initially, our friends, family and acquaintances have been supporting us with supplying their own artworks, as you can see here. However, we would also like anyone that has any artistic talent who is interested in supporting this idea to contact us for further information about donating their artwork.

Current Project – Nepal 2012

The first project that Arts for Children will be supporting is the Tony McClean Trust.

Volunteering in Nepal

Gary and Brenda will be travelling to Nepal in Feburary 2012. Here they will be working with a local charity to support projects in the Himalayan region. Find out more here »

What happens with the money?

When you lovingly purchase some artwork on our website, the money is processed securely by Paypal. This is then transferred into a separate bank account. This money is then directed to a project or charity that is local, has done a needs assessment to ensure the community are engaged, and is beneficial long-term.

If you would like to know more about how the money is spent, please check out our current projectFor those that would like a breakdown of the incomings and outgoings of the money that is donated, please contact us ( and we will happily give you this information.

Can I donate money to ‘Arts for Children’ without purchasing any artwork?

Of course! Just click on the ‘Donate with Paypal’ button on the Home page. This will take you to the secure paypal website where you can donate as little or as much money as you would like.

How do I donate artwork to ‘Arts for Children’?:

If you would like to donate artwork please contact us on the details below.

Contact us:

Please email us at

This information was copied and reproduced from the “ARTSFORCHILDREN” website with permission.