Earthquake relief update:

– Thanks so much for all the generous donations coming in. We’ve already sent our first lot of funds up to help with the urgent needs in the remote villages

– 50% of all houses in Lamjung are destroyed and another 30% are badly damaged. The most pressing needs are for shelter and food supplies. The rainy season will begin up there in a few weeks time.

– Sahodar, our partner organisation is heading up the local disaster relief committee for Lamjung.

– They have managed to buy 100 tents, 30 sets of cooking equipment, and basic food supplies and these will be heading up to Lamjung tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the support we’re getting- we really appreciate it and it will make a difference for people who are really struggling. The immediate physical needs in this area are enormous so if you’d still like to donate to the cause we’d really appreciate it.

Click here to donate now through the TNT Trust.